Tuesday 31 May 2022

A healthy edge: Medical technology leader Smith+Nephew uses Microsoft 365 to innovate

With the lived experience of hybrid work now officially in play, employees have a new “worth it” equation. Leaders must ask themselves: What is the role of the office? How do teams build social capital in a digital-first world? Global medical technology company Smith+Nephew trusts Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams to ensure business continuity to reshape its work processes and include a mix of on-site and remote collaboration. Like Microsoft, Smith+Nephew’s innovation is a fundamental part of their business, so it makes sense that they would bring in a solution to meet their employees’ needs. Lawrence Zorio, Vice President of IT Information Security of Smith+Nephew said this of the reasoning behind their cloud provider selection: “The automation and orchestration inherent in Microsoft 365 combined with the security of the tools was a differentiator for us.”


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