Wednesday 22 June 2022

HUS: sharing data securely to make life-saving

HUS is Finland’s largest healthcare provider and one of Europe’s leading healthcare organizations, bringing together 23 different hospitals and treating more than 680,000 patients a year. With Microsoft cloud services and Microsoft 365 tools already in place across HUS, a Microsoft Teams trial was introduced in 2020 to help improve communication and allow medical staff to easily share sensitive information—like imaging scans— between clinicians. Resident HUS Neurosurgeon Anselmi Kovalainen explains how since the onset of COVID-19, daily radiology meetings are now in a hybrid format, where the physical meeting still takes place, but people can join remotely through Teams. Watch this customer success video and learn about how, with Teams, staff have a secure platform to collaborate both inside the hospital and remotely for any self-isolating colleagues.


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